BackBlaze vs CrashPlan Comparison (Speed Review 2024)

BackBlaze vs CrashPlan – which one is best for you? Read my review and comparison post about Crashplan and Backblaze backup providers.

A backup is always so important, though not many seem to realize just how much. At least until when they really need it. Performing backup on an external drive works just well, but has its disadvantages. The external drive can physically get damaged or even stolen. You also have to take extra measures to ensure that it doesn’t land on the wrong hands if you have private information stored in it. That is why backing up on cloud is becoming more and more popular in recent times.

Comparison of BackBlaze vs CrashPlan

Two highly competitive backup solutions are CrashPlan and BackBlaze. They both have a lot to offer and choosing one might actually be quite a challenge. Here is a breakdown comparison to help understand the differences.

Crashplan vs Backblaze review and comparison


For Crash Plan, you will have to part with 5.99 dollars per month for the most basic month to month plan. Back Blaze offers their most basic plan at 5 dollars per month. The difference is seen more clearly when you compare the $50 per year for BackBlaze to $60 per year for the CrashPlan.


Both offer very reliable security using the 8-bit file encryption that is almost impossible to crack. There are no major difference in terms of security.

Backup and Upload speed comparison

For CrashPlan, the speed is somehow limited irrespective of the connection speed of your internet. BackBlaze on the other hand does not have any limitation when performing backups, in terms of speed. Using the same internet connection to back up the same files, it will take a lot longer to backup your files using CrashPlan as compared to BackBlaze.


Both companies offer mobile apps that can be used to access files stored on the cloud. The app by CrashPlan is slightly better in terms of interface. You can get access to your files via any browser by simply logging in.

BackBlaze and CrashPlan Review – Which is best backup provider?

If you are confused while choosing your backup service provider then below is my comparison and complete review of both of that company. Based on that you can select one and I am sure that It will save your time in selecting best backup provider.

Long term storage

BackBlaze has a bit of a limitation here. It can only save the files that have been present on your computer for the past 30 days. CrashPlan does not have such limitations. This can be advantageous for CrashPlan because you will have access to all recent files, but can also lead to lots of duplicate files being stored as files are moved around.

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Hard drive restore

Uploading files to the cloud storage usually takes a lot of time. To solve that problem, both companies offer to ship a flash drive or hard drive to you where you will store your backup and they will upload it for you. You can also ask for the hard drive to perform a backup. The charge to get the hard drive shipped to you is $164.99 for CrashPlan and $99 for BackBlaze (12 GB).


BackBlaze has a logo of flames and a dotted house is the logo for CrashPlan. The overall interface of BackBlaze is cleaner while that of CrashPlan feels somehow dated.

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External hard drives backup

The backup process of external hard drives is completely automatic for It can also be made automatic for but you have to alter the settings first.

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Conclusion – Why backblaze is better than Crashplan?

Overall, backblaze seems to be better than crashplan, especially if the plan you want is only for one or two computers. It simply has more to offer and comes at a better price. Looking at the two at this point, having to choose one should be quite easy.

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