Dying Light Dockets Codes 2024 for Premium PS4/Xbox

Dying Light is the massively played first persona survival horror action video game. The Dying Light has Docket codes that let you unlock certain items such as weapon, gold, coins within the game. It was initially released by Techland in January 2015. Right now company is available to play on Windows, Linux, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Gameplay is mainly focused on weapon based fight and it offers asymmetrical multiplayer mode.

Top rated Dying Light Coupons and Dockets Codes

DF6KUB798UN or NQ4THDFBUH or R9ADFNHSGX Use either of these codes to get 1 docket.

SAYHITOPS4COMMUNITY or #TWEETFORSPEED – Both of these codes are valid for premium dockets.

P3D4LT0TH3M3T4L or OAIUPG9UQBR5 or HNF3HBGJT57S or STUPIDZOMBIES3 – Do you want premium docket? Go and apply these voucher codes to claim it now. You cannot use all at a same time, so make sure to redeem them one by one.

TYPEMEIN or G4BXIN98BA – These are the codes to unlock community dockets.

FA7F121B93 – Receive 2 basis dockets with the help of this code. You can use it once per user per account.

ColossalKiwi – Use at your convenience to get 3 community dockets. Some exclusion and limitation might be applied.

LIGHTMYROCKET or BACKWARDS or G756B9WBSDGFF – For a limited time only get an opportunity to save huge on in-game items. Use these codes to get specific items for FREE.

How Do Dying Light Premium Dockets Work?

Below are the steps to find premium codes for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and Windows.

  • First of all you need to Signup at dockets.dyinglightgame.com.
  • Next step is to link your Steam Xbox Live/PSN account at website.
  • Go ahead and redeem your special codes to receive weapon dockets.
  • Now it’s time to exchange your dockets for Top-tier weapons. In order to do so you need to talk to the Quartemaster in Dying light game. dying light.

You might be wondered, from where to find such special redeem codes. Look no further and visit their main site to find videos and images as It contains various available discount coupons. You need to find and use appropriate code to get free stuffs accordingly.

Facts About The Dying Light Dockets Codes:

Dockets in the Dying light game is nothing but the coupon codes that you can redeem for new weapons, coins and other items. Please make sure to exchange your dockets at Quartemaster for advanced top tier weapons. Dockets are divided in three types; Standard, Community and Premium. It is based on the type of weapons they are going to give you. So if you want community weapon then use community dockets.

I tried to list all the available special promo codes on above section, simply try any to get dockets accordingly. You must link your Steam or Xbox or PSN account to transfer your dockets to the game.

How to Exchange Your Dockets?

In the dying Light game, go to Quartemaster usually found on first floor of the tower. Ask him to exchange your dockets for unique and top tier in-game items. Good thing is that you can meet to Quartemaster on game within an hour.

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