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IMVU is world’s leading 3D social network. has over 30 million active users worldwide; making it the most creditable and popular 3D social network. In this social platform, members use avatars to meet new people, chat, and play games with their friends. There are over 16,000 items from which a member may choose from to make their experience better. To get these interesting game items, a member will have to purchase them using the website’s currency.

What is the Currency Used in IMVU?

Just like any other social platform, Site has its own currency. The currencies used in this website are credits and promo trial credits. There are also developer tokens, which serve as currency for creators. But the credits are the widely used currencies here.

The currency helps in purchasing the game items. The more you have credits, the more items you are likely to purchase and thus improve your online experience in this social website. Therefore, there is a need to get many credits.

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How to get FREE IMVU Credits for without Generator?

Promotional credits are the main currency of the game and thus serve as the source of income for the website owners. For that reason, members use real money to buy these credits. The promotional credits can be purchased at IMVU main website.

But from time to time, there are always promotional offers that may get members discounts so as to avoid paying more for the credits. These promotional offers and some working coupons will be highlighted here below to help members get the discounts.

Top rated IMVU Coupons and Credits Codes

There is a permanent deal for new members. By joining this exciting social network, you get 1,000 free credits to start with. These credits can be used to purchase game items at any time.

  • Watch a Video

It requires members to watch videos and get free credits. You can get 20 credits per video. Therefore, the more you watch the more credits you are likely to get.

  • Verify your Email

By choosing to verify you email, you get 500 credits for free. All you have to do is to verify the email you set up your IMVU account with.

imvu discount coupons

The above mentioned are some of the working and popular offers that are run continuously in the website. Here below is a list of promo codes that can be used to get further discounts and offers.

  • 10% Off: You can use this offer to get 10% off your purchase. All you have to do is to use the code XGK6NB3ED8 or FTAD34D5G.
  • 50,000 Credits + 1 Month VIP: You can get yourself 50,000 credits and a month of VIP buy using the code KL2ADDC9JZ or AG26GDW1K.
  • 10% Off $50: For purchases made worth $50 and above, you can use the coupon code HZWDUVESPG to get a 10% discount.
  • 5% Off $30: A 5% discount is also there for items that are worth more than $30. The unlock code for this offer is LYU4DH.

These are some of the IMVU coupon codes that can help you in getting discount codes when buying credits. Otherwise you can also use an credit generator.

This online generator will automatically generate free tokens and store credits for your convenience use without any detection by website developers. Earlier we posted some Bath and Body Work Sale alert tool and now this is another working utility for you. It is therefore, the best way of getting IMVU Free credits.

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