Silhouette Cameo vs Cricut Explore Reviews & Sale

For quite some time now there has been a comparison between Silhouette Cameo vs Cricut Explore and debate about which is best electronic cutter machine for personal use. Silhouette America came in the market first and Cricut followed later on. Some of those who had been using Silhouette could not be convinced that a better cutting machine could hit the market. Similarly, those who started using Cricut Explore saw it as the best of all the products available. The two extreme sides have never been objective in their quest to defend their favorite electronic cuter machines. It is for this reason that an objective and comprehensive review of these two leading brands. This review will be based on honest features and the value of each product. All the pros and cons for each product will also be mentioned just to keep you informed of what to expect when purchasing any of the two. To help us begin the review, an overview of each will be highlighted.

Silhouette Cameo Overview

It is an advanced electronic cutting machine that gives users the ability to cut papers to their exact specifications. It comes with basic studio software that makes it easy for users to use it and buy items from the Silhouette store. More of its features will be discussed when looking at its pros.

Cricut Explore Overview

It is the main competitor of the Cameo. It is also a good cutting machine that has been computerized. Technological advancements have been witnessed in this machine. More of its features will also be highlighted when looking at its benefits.

The Review and Comparison of Silhouette Cameo vs Cricut Explore

Here below is a complete list of the pros and cons of these products. Afterwards, some of the unique features that are only present in one brand and not the other will be mentioned.

Silhouette America Cameo Pros

  • Cuts a Variety of Materials: One of the benefits you get for using this product is that you can cut variety of materials from vinyl to fabric. The materials can be up to 12 inch wide and 10ft long.
  • Precise Cutting: With the Cameo’s Print and Cut feature, you can cut designs perfectly around your design. This makes it a perfect machine for making stickers among many other designs that require precision.
  • Free Studio: The Cameo has a Silhouette studio installed in it. This is a powerful program that makes it easy for you to create your own images and fonts.
  • Touchscreen: To make it easy to use, this model of Silhouette has been advanced and now includes a touchscreen feature.
  • Excellent Image Bank: With only 99 cents, you can get any image that you want. There is a huge image bank that has many images to be used by user of this machine.

Silhouette Cons

  • Confusing to Use: Many people who like this machine have complained that it is very advanced and requires people with special skills to use it. It is not easy to use as the manufacturers claim. Only the basics are easy to apply.
  • Several Hiccups: The machine experiences several hiccups when engaged in real work. A user will have to troubleshoot several times before getting it down to work properly.
  • Blades get Dull Fast: It is a common phenomenon that one must have a sharp blade to get precise cuts. The blades of this products get dull very fast making the user to either buy new blades regularly or suffer imprecise cuts.

The above mentioned are some of the known pros and cons of Silhouette Cameo. Now let’s have a look at the features of the Explore.

Cricut Explore Advantages:

  • Cuts a Variety of Materials (50+): Just like its competitor, Cricut Explore cuts various materials.
  • Free and Easy to use Software: You get a free and easy to use software for any purchase of the Cricut Explore. This makes it easy for the users to use the software. The software is quite easy to navigate through.
  • Allows for Re-cuts: When using the Cricut Explore, you can actually re-cut something to make the perfect cut. This is an option that the Cameo doesn’t have.
  • Upload your Designs for Free: You do not have to depend on the installed designs but you can also upload your own images and designs for free. SVG files work better.
  • High Quality Blade: The blades used in cutting materials are of high quality and users do not have to keep on changing them every now and then.

Cricut Explore Disadvantages

  • Needs Internet Connection: You cannot work without an internet connection. This is the biggest setback of using Explore to cut your materials.
  • Sparse Images: There are no many Explore images to buy. You can actually download your own images but hard to find the exact you want from their image bank.

It is now of great importance to have a look of the features that appear in one product and not the other. Let’s start with Cameo.

What you can do with Silhouette Cameo and not with Cricut Explore

  • You can cut and design without an active internet using a Cameo while the same cannot happen with an Explore.
  • A cameo gives you ability to draw your own designs from scratch
  • Cutting larger designs without tiling
  • Cut reprinted media images
  • Choose your own backup system for your media files
  • Cut or draw complex paths
  • Have your SVG files imported at their original size
  • Retain proper spacing
  • Update at your own convenience

What you can do with Cricut Explore and not with Silhouette Cameo

  • Cut and write continuously without stopping to exchange pens
  • Wireless cuts
  • Edit any existing files from any computer
  • You can also cut readymade projects
  • Design all the library images without having to buy them first
  • No additional license on non-licensed content
  • Legal access to all Disney images
  • One dial update of all settings
  • Undisrupted cutting experience. No pauses for change of blades
  • Cut thick content
  • Allows cut from an ipad

So, now you have idea about each of them. Are you ready to buy them? But wondering about high price. Don’t worry! I have collected some working coupon codes and special offer sale for you, so that you can buy your favorite cutting machine at less price

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Final Verdict: Which is best Cricut Explore or Silhouette Cameo?

From the review above, giving a final verdict of which is the best machine for cutting materials may be a bit hard. Both machines have pros and cons thus making it hard. Both of them offer Premium gift code that you can use to save money. However, from above, it is clear that the Cricut Explore has more benefits than the Cameo. This makes it a better machine for your cutting needs. The only drawback is that you will need an internet connection when making all your cuts. Otherwise the Explore offers more interesting features than the Cameo and thus stands in as the better of the two. You should check my Usenet server provider related post to get idea of which is best hosting for you.

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