Pokemon ORAS Mystery Gift Codes 2024 + Free Token

Use a mystery gift codes of Pokemon ORAS to get free tokens and coins.

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (ORAS) refers to two role playing video games developed in 2001 by Game Freak. They were published by Nintendo to join the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. They form part of the 6th generation Pokémon series and serves as remakes of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Game Boy Advance titles of 2002. Unlike the previous versions which were released only having a single language, Pokémon ORAS include all official translations.

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What is Pokémon ORAS Mystery Gift?

Traditionally, playing the game itself alone will not help you obtain some special Pokémon. Such special Pokémon include Mythical Pokémon which is so rare that you won’t even need them to complete the Pokédex. Such Pokémon are usually distributed only on special events, and only for a limited time period. There are other normal Pokémon having special traits, like the Stephen’s Shiny Beldum, which are also distributed during such events. All these are categorized under the Mystery Gift. Under the mystery Gift menu, you will find the following groupings of events;

  • Internet: this is ideally an easy and probably the most accessible event type. You only need to connect you 2DS/3DS to the internet so as to be able to download the latest Pokémon event.
  • Local: for this type of event, you have to physically visit the event site and use your 2DS/3DS local wireless to download the distributed Pokémon.
  • Serial code: at times you receive Pokemon TCGO Codes which you can redeem and download the Pokémon over the internet.
  • Infra-red: this is almost similar to local, only that you have to align your 2DS/3DS infra-red sensor to the sensor of the distribution machine.
  • StreetPass: this is relatively new to the Alpha Sapphire/ Omega Ruby. If a person has the Eon Ticket, and is StreetPass enabled, you will also receive the Eon ticket if you StreetPass that person.

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How to get Pokémon ORAS Mystery Gift cheaply or for free?

There are various way through which you can get your Mystery Gifts for free. The most popular way is by using serial promo codes. The serial codes will allow downloads of the mystery gifts over the internet. The gift codes can be obtained from the Pokémon site during the special events. You can also find some listed codes from the internet if you do a relevant search. Below is a list of some of working codes that you may try out.

Top rated Pokemon Mystery Coupons and ORAS Gift Codes

  • 4485 0729 8592
  • 4364 9908 3374
  • 8883 4827 3889
  • 5487 4355 5598
  • 3423 7766 2344

How to use the Pokemon ORAS Mystery Gift Codes?

From the title menu, select the option “Mystery Gift”. From the options that follow, opt to get gift via serial coupon codes. Ensure that you are connected to the internet before you continue. Once you establish the internet connection, the code will be checked automatically and you can then download the related gift. After that, you can go to a Pokémon center from where you will receive your gift. You must always be very careful while using any of the Pokemon Mystery gift codes obtained either from the internet of discount code generators. Most of them might not be valid and may lead to some penalties.

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