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BuzzBundle refers to a tool that is designed to make working with social media easier. The tool is software based and not cloud based. Being software based has the main advantage as monthly payments are not necessary if the tool is not used often. It can be used to manage all efforts on social media starting from the process of creating an account to scheduling messages. It can also be used to find social networking sites, forums and blogs where the participants are conversing about your topic or brand.

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Awesome Features of BuzzBundle

  • Unlimited personals

This feature is among its most outstanding ones. It will help you to create different profiles for your customer service assistant and marketing manager, or whatever else you may want. There is no limit as to the number of personas that you can create, with each of them being linked to a number of social media accounts. [ Ultimate Demon free trial ]

  • Creation of new profiles

BuzzBundle allows you to create a new profile on social media straight from the Buzz Bundle dashboard. That means that you will not have to visit a media site for you to create a profile there, making the whole process faster and easier.

  • Social network range

You can manage a variety of accounts from lots of different social networks using BuzzBundle as well as access forums and blogs. [ Carobnite vs crashplan ]

  • Easily switch personas

Switching between profiles on social media accounts directly from the dashboard is made possible with just a mouse click. No more having to keep logging in and out or to open multiple windows on your browser. Just post as anyone, to anywhere, all from the dashboard.

  • Know where you are being mentioned

You can determine a set of keywords that will help you track your business, brand, services and products. You will then be able to know what customers are saying as well as participate in the conversations. From such, you can determine exactly what your customers want. [ backblaze and crashplan ]

  • Scheduling

This features allows you to schedule announcements and posts such that you can take advantage of the times that your audience are more likely to persuaded, even without your presence. You can easily customize the buzzbundle dashboard so that you can organize information, arrange accounts and create favorites to your optimal environment of working.

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Pros of BuzzBundle

  • There is a free version for trail purposes
  • Creation of social accounts is made easier
  • It has a scheduling tool that allows programming of the software to automatically complete searches
  • You can customize your own workspace
  • Schedule updates on social media with ease
  • Payment is one off
  • You can group different brands/projects together under various personas.
  • Supports most of the major social media sites including Twitter, FaceBook, Google+ and LinkedIn. [ sammydress coupons ]


  • is software based and not cloud based. Meaning you have to install it and cannot access it from another device
  • Results are at times slow
  • By default, the settings for ‘search safely’ are disabled
  • The learning curve involved is steep

Is there any Free Trial Coupon for BuzzBundle?

If you are one of those who simply don’t want to spend tens of dollars on these social media tool but want to first test it’s feature then you have option for that. Fortunately, Link-Assistant allow you to download Buzzbundle for FREE. You can use it’s premium feature for few days but there are some restriction for that. You need to check download page for that.

If you want more such Buzzbundle Discount Codes or want any special rebate offer and then you feel free place your comments here. I will get back to you as soon as possible. [ instacart discount coupons ]

Above Reviews of Buzzbundle says that it is beats Hootsuite and few other competitors and it’s really value for money product that you should think to buy.

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