eHarmony vs – Comparison, Review and Results

Choosing from vs eHarmony is most confusing task? So, Here is the review post with detailed comparison and results to make it super easy for you.

eHarmony and are online dating sites that more or less, strives to achieve the same goal. They target many people in different demographics who have varying interests. The two sites are among the pioneers in the dating site industry and have been quite successful so far. Getting to decide which the better site of the two is can actually be quite challenging for anyone wishing to join the site. A breakdown analysis of the two might help.

eHarmony vs Match – Which is best dating site?

If you are confused and want to take membership of any of that site then you should check my below detailed comparison with results. vs eharmony - my comparison

Search has a search system that is quite elaborate and user friendly. It allows users to easily filter their search options by using the many convenient options that are provided. This means that locating people whose profiles are of much interest to you or those looking to find someone like you is easy.

eHarmony on the other hand, has a search mechanism that is slightly distinct. It limits the freedom of browsing in a way. It chooses suitable profiles for you based on the data obtained from your profile.

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eHarmony and Awesome Review allows the creation of basic profiles which appears directly with only fields that are standard. The main focus is ideally the interests of the members.

On eHarmony, questionnaires that are so elaborate have to be filled, something that is not quite usual on dating sites. This process is because eHarmony has its main focus on the personality traits on the individuals.


Match basically encourages you to interact with any of the other members on the site. Getting a suitable match is an easy process of browsing through the profiles of other members to find an interesting one for you.

eHarmony on the other hand only sends you the links to people who they feel are your best options.


On, the members benefit from a communication system that is open, meaning that a member can reach out to any other member of interest.

Communication is a bit more controlled on as the users are required to go via a process designed to produce only quality matches. You should also check my review of buzzbundle; leading social tool.

eharmony and dating site review

Membership costs of Match and eHarmony offers charges that are a quite affordable, adding up to about $19.99 every month.

eHarmony charges a bit more for a total of about $39.95 per month.

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Conclusion: Should you go with eharmony or

eHarmony is likely to hook you up with a partner that can relate with you in a much deeper way, including the psychological level. It also works better for people with limited time or those that are not so good at conversations. For, communication is the key and you can actually have some fun while doing that. Bottom line, it all depends with an individual and what exactly the individual wants.

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