Pokemon QR Codes 2024 – Free QR Generator

Use Free Pokemon Generator to get unlimited QR Codes. The Pokemon QR is the unique kind of image code that you can scan to catch any Pokemon. It is massively played video game that is available for PC, Xbox, PS, Nintendo and other device. In order to play the game, you need to buy various kind of goodies including coins and Pokemon characters. You need to spend real money to get all these virtual items.

Top Pokemon QR Coupons and Free Codes

There is vulnerability in the 3DS software which allows you to generate almost all kind of Pokemon. You just need an internet connection. No any external hardware is required.

It should be noted that, QR code is not just simple alphanumeric promo code. You need to certain thing to redeem and generate it. Below are the required accessories.

  • Nintendo 2DS, 3DS XL, or 3DS (old). Method won’t work with new or updated version of 3ds xl and 3ds.
  • Pokemon ORAS, X, Y.
  • Internet connection with WiFi. Working Handheld Camera.

Please refer below steps to get your own Pokemon OR Codes for FREE.

  • First of all you need to open browse through handheld system. You can find Browser Icon at the top of your system.
  • Now Go to the setting tab of your browser and clear any past cookies and history.
  • Click on Home button and start the copy of Pokemon ORAS game. Tap to Pokemon Center and open Storage System from your PC. Make sure to leave the first spot in first box to avoid lost of your game. Now exit from the system without moving away trainer.
  • Click again Home Button to return to main menu. Now press L+R to launch Camera application. Open QR Code reader button on your screen. Use it to scan one of all the available coupon pass codes.
  • After few seconds, you will see popup message asking to open browser link. Click on that to redirect to that Pokemon page.
  • Follow the given instruction and you will see that generator Pokemon available in first spot in first box of your storage system.

This is how you can generate Pokemon QR Code. If you face any difficulties in follow above steps, then here is an app for you.

Other way is to use Alpha Omega Creator. It is the application available for iOS user. It is available for Omega Ruby, X and Y, Alpha Sapphire. With the tap of few buttons, you can easily create any kind of Pokemon including Hoopa, Elgyem, Nidoran etc. Transfer your generated goodies to 3DS instantly. You just need to use free access code for same. It allows you to edit your pokemon’s stats, movies, power and abilities. You can save it offline for uploading later.  You can also share your generated Pokemon with your friends. You can enable or disable legal mode based on your requirement.

Nintendo many anytime fix this issue and it might hard your account too. So, I would suggest you to use only official coupon codes that you got from the. You can buy it for cheap from Amazon, Gamestop and other gaming sites through discount coupons. It is recommended and most safest way for you.

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